There are a lot of whitening systems out there, but our two favorites are KöR and Philips Zoom!

All methods remove stains and discolorations and which you choose depends on how fast you need your teeth whitened, how long you want the whitening to last, your level of sensitivity, your budget, and other factors. We can help you decide.

KöR Whitening System

KöR is for the patient who is looking for long term whitening and works especially well for stained and discolored teeth. KöR is the most effective whitening system to date.

We make a mold and produce custom-fit trays which the patient wears overnight for two weeks. A two hour in-office visit will be scheduled, at the end of which you will have a radiant smile.

Afterwards, you will be placed on a home maintenance program.

Philips Zoom! QuickPro

We recommend Philips Zoom for event-based whitening. For example, say you’re getting married. The two (2) hour in-office procedure looks fantastic. It regresses over time but can be maintained with an at-home kit.